Tena Extra Plus Pads 8's x 1
Tena Extra Plus Pads 8's x 1

Tena Extra Plus Pads 8's x 1

Asaleo Care
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TENA InstaDRY Standard Length pad is our fastest absorbing incontinence pad. Designed to lock away liquids efficiently to keep you dry, this pad is ideal for moderate to heavy urge incontinence and for those who want additional security and protection from bladder leaks.

  • InstaDRY™ technology quickly absorbs liquid deep into the pad and protects against bladder leakage

  • BodyShape™ fit contours to the body for added security and comfort

  • Fresh Odour Control and breathable fabric keeps you feeling fresh for longer

  • Made from dermatologically tested material, they're safe and kind to skin

Recommended for:

  • Moderate to heavy urge incontinence - losing about half a cup before getting to the toilet

  • Bladder loss associated with menopause

  • Moderate or frequent stress incontinence when coughing, laughing or sneezing

  • Social situations for long-lasting security

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