Many times we tend to forget that animals are a lot like us in many ways.

There is a shared similarity between humans and animals, after all, we are all part of the animal kingdom. We move, they move, we breathe they breath, we eat they eat, we respond to sensations, they do the same.

It's not surprising why many scientists use lab rats for experiments to test potential vaccines or medicine made for humans.

Given this shared similarity, we often forget that just as we may be allergic to some things, animals can be allergic too.

The dog is a man's best friend, they are arguably the closest animals to us and sometimes we become unable to detect when our dogs are allergic to some things.


Problems and Cause of Allergies

Before we dive in, let's discuss a bit about dog allergies.

Just like us, there are many things that can trigger dog allergies, that grating sound of fingernails scraping on a blackboard, the smell of a certain fragrance, mold, and most importantly, food.

Allergies in dogs manifest in many ways with symptoms including skin inflammation, sneezing, diarrhea, scratching the skin, excessive licking of paws etc.


A primary source of dog allergies is in the food they eat. How do you know when your dog is allergic to something?

How do you know what food your dog is allergic to?

And what kind of food is good for your allergic dog? Let's read on to find out


In finding a remedy for dog food allergies, the key is separation.

Once you suspect your dogs or puppies are allergies to certain foods, the first thing you should do is take them off the diet and introduce them to a special diet called a limited ingredient diet LID.

As the name suggests, this diet is made of limited ingredients to help you specifically determine your dogs or puppies dog food allergies.

Afterward, you reintroduce them to their previous diet one after the other and once you see any reaction from a certain food, you get your culprit. Let's look at some of the best dog food for allergies


Hill’s Prescription Diet Skin/Food Sensitivities

This dog food recipe is so ubiquitous you’ll probably get it right at the Vet’s clinic and with good reason.

This is because this diet quickly restores your dogs and puppies back to normal so you may or may not re-introduce them to other diets.

It's affordable and rich in a D/D formula of broken down protein to eliminate allergens.

Natural Balance

Another one of our best dog food for allergies is Natural Balance.

This product offers a wide variety of dog food including canned foods, raw foods, and biscuits.

Rich in premium proteins, this brand is reinforced with carbohydrates like sweet potato, venison, and legumes.

Just 6 by Rachel Ray Nutrish


Having a celebrity touch, this brand of dog food can be made at home with 6 different recipes, which are, ground rice, beet pulp, brown rice, chicken fat, chicken meal, and lamb meal.

This brand is also very affordable and available at virtually every supermarket and grocery store.

Blue Buffalo

Dog food allergies are none existent in this company’s offering.

Made with premium protein, digestible carbs, and healthy supplements, Blue Buffalo not only provide top-notch LID for the dog, but for cats as well, and with grain-free ingredients.


Other well-known brands for best dog food for allergies are Nature Variety, Pinnacle, Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient, and so much more.

Don’t hesitate to grab any of these when you detect any symptoms of dog food allergies. Your cute puppies need it.