Lollies for a Candy Buffet – Our Top Products and Tips for Event Success

Candy buffets are a great way to express your creative flair and provide event guests with delicious self-serve treats. Whether it’s for a party, wedding or corporate event; a carefully designed candy buffet is sure to WOW guests and serve as the perfect centrepiece within the room. We have prepared a brief blog post highlighting our top tips and products so that you can create a candy buffet in Australia or abroad that not only looks stunning but also delights the tastebuds.

Make your event a success with a little help from Tasteful Delights!

Popular Colour Schemes for Lolly Bars

At Tasteful Delights we have an abundance of Australian lollies and international products to choose from. When planning your candy buffet, consider the occasion and the surrounding décor to create something that will complement the ambience and overall event theme without taking over.

Celebrations and Kids Parties: Single colour lollies are ideal for colour themed events, but for kids’ parties you might like to get creative and mix different colours within the same container to create visual interest and vibrancy. M&M’s, Skittles, jubes and jelly beans are perfect for this.

Formal Events: Black and white is ideal for more formal events, and Darrell Lea liquorice, assorted chocolate bars, Allen’s Minties and black/white jellybeans are ideal for this purpose. If you want to enjoy a wider assortment and subtle pop of colour, you could add some other colourful lollies in separate containers.

Size and Placement

Bigger is not always better, and you don’t want your candy buffet to overwhelm the room. Carefully consider the nature of your event as well as the event space itself, then choose an appropriate sized table and start planning your layout.

You will also need to think about placement, and this will depend on whether you want to make an impact by having it as a centrepiece or keeping it relatively hidden which can be a welcome surprise for guests wandering around the venue. Once discovered, the candy buffet will be sure to draw a crowd and the line will quickly start to grow – so make sure the location you choose remains easily accessible for other guests.

Popular Choices of Lollies for Candy Buffet in Australia

When designing a candy buffet, you will need to keep three things in mind: Budget, Colour Choices and Taste Preferences. Try to ensure a good mix of shapes, sizes and textures to make a lasting impression and ensure every guest finds something to suit their taste.

As one of the leading candy buffet suppliers in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Tasteful Delights have a huge selection of local and imported treats. Take advantage of our bulk buy options and worldwide shipping and get planning today!

Here are a few of our most popular products and some tips on how they can be used:

M&M’s and Maltesers – Everyone loves these crunchy treats, and their versatility makes them ideal for any candy buffet. Separate the colours and use them in different jars, or mix them up for a pop of colour. Chocolates such as these are ideal fillers for your lolly bar, and they can also be used as a base for other candy. Available in 465g, 575g and 640g tubs for immediate delivery.  

SkittlesWith their bright colours and fruity flavour, a bucket of skittles will liven up the event and delight the tastebuds.

Lollipops We have all your favourites including Chupa Chups, Melody Pops, Candy Swirl Pops and much more. Try sticking them inside pots or bowls containing jellybeans to add a burst of colour on the table. Alternatively, you could make them into a centrepiece by making your own lollipop tree or purchasing a lollypop holder.

Mentos – Available in mint, fruit, spearmint and other flavours. Mentos are individually wrapped and perfect for filling up your lolly bar and providing guests with some minty refreshment.

LiquoriceAll your favourites including traditional and choc coated liquorice along with allsorts, raspberry, strawberry and much more. Shop a range of brands including Darrell Lea Australia, Fine Time, Fyna, Nestle, Black & Gold and more. The exciting colours and textures will take your candy bar to the next level.


Candy Buffet Supplies Australia – Order Today!

Designing a candy buffet doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you can have all the lollies and chocolate delivered direct to your door ready to go. There’s something to suit all tastes and budgets at Tasteful Delights. With everything needed to create a successful and memorable event all in one place, why shop anywhere else? Start planning your candy buffet today!