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Glad Draw String Garbage...
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Glad Draw String Garbage Bag 20 Pack x 8

Glad's Tuff Stuff with Forceflex technology, stretchable strength. GLAD Tuff Stuff Garbage Bags feature ForceFlex Stretchable Strength. ForceFlex is a unique diamond pattern technology that allows the bag to stretch around sharp objects instead of ripping or tearing. This means you can fill them, stretch them and stuff them with just about anything!...
Glad Wavetop Extra Large...
Cleaning Products

Glad Wavetop Extra Large Multi Purpose Bags 30's x 6

GLAD® Wavetop® Tie Garbage Bags are reliably strong and offer unique 4-way tie system for easy tie up and carry out. These extra large black bags are ideal for garden, rubbish, clean-ups, or storage such as children's toys, household appliances and old clothes. The "waves" enable the bag to be closed securely and carried easily. Strong and reliable...

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