Carefree Barely There Liners x 1
Carefree Barely There Liners x 1

Carefree Barely There Liners x 1

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CAREFREE® BARELY THERE® Unscented Panty Liners feel just like the name suggests – barely there! They’re really flexible and follow the movements of your body so you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them.

Wear Carefree Barely There Breathable Ultra Thin Liners on all the days between your period to maintain that fresh underwear feel and to protect your favourite undies from light discharge. Change your liner not your undies during the day.

- A drop absorbency rating of 1 means they are suitable for light discharge
- Breathable - Helps to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day
- Feels soft & thin - As comfortable your favourite cotton underwear.
- 0.8mm thick means its ultra thin for an invisible, barely there fit
- Highly flexible - Conforms to your body movements and can fold like wings to fit your G-string.
- Unscented liner

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